The Sterling Submachine Gun – L2A3 Mark 4

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When it comes to vintage World War II guns, nothing quite compares to the British Sterling L2A3 Submachine Gun. Built for reliability and cost-effectiveness, it was a blend of technology and ideas. Using stamped metal and plastic pieces, it came together with less than 20 parts. The Sterling could be stripped down and repaired in the field with relative ease. And it provided resistance forces and special operations with a lightweight, and easy-to-use machine gun, perfect for close-quarter combat.

The Sterling Submachine Gun was designed late in the war (1944) and it never quite saw as much action as its predecessor, the Sten. Nonetheless, the Sterling went on to serve British troops around the world all the way up until 1994 where it was finally phased out by the L85A1 Assault Rifle. It was known for its reliability, ease-of-use, and surprisingly (for an open bolt), its accuracy… able to hit targets at 100-200 yards without much trouble, while only firing the 9x19mm parabellum.

For an open bolt weapon, its accuracy was phenomenal. The Sterling employed two concentric recoil springs instead of the normal one, which dramatically reduced the felt recoil. Thus improving its accuracy and round over round reliability. The L2A3 also used a double-stack magazine, which was relatively new for this time. Increasing the magazine load capacity to 34 rounds instead of 20. Also, it used a degree of advanced primer ignition, which allowed for a lighter bolt to be used as the recoil of the round was somewhat-mitigated by the forward inertia of the bolt.

Fun Fact: The Sterling was used as the Storm Trooper blaster in the Star Wars series. Only a few cosmetic changes were made.

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Simple to build, simple to use, and known for its reliability under adverse conditions… It’s obvious why the Sterling Submachine Gun was used for over 50 years. And why it is still finding use in developing countries around the world. Built between 1956 and 1988, over 400,000 L2A3s were produced — and we’ve procured 300 of them to sell to you. Don’t miss out on your chance to own a piece of history, and order one today!

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