Replica Colt 1851 Navy 36-Caliber Cap & Ball Revolver


Replica Colt 1851 Navy 36-Caliber Cap & Ball Revolver

You are considering a vintage Replica Colt 1851 Navy 36-Caliber Cap & Ball Revolver. The wood grips are in great shape with no damage — they fit snuggly to the frame. The metalwork is also in very good condition and retains 95% of its original finish with very light wear around the high points and a couple of light scratches and strawing. The cylinder retains its engraved naval engagement scene. The barrel measures 7.50-inches in length and includes a front bronze bead sight. This black powder revolver was shot but well taken care of — the bore is bright and shiny with good rifling and no fouling or pitting. The cylinder chambers are also clean, with no rust or fouling issues.

  • Manufacturer: Italian Made (Uberti or Pietta)
  • Model: Colt 1851 Replica
  • Serial Number: 81855
  • Year of Manufacture: ~Unknown
  • Caliber: 36-Caliber Round or Conical Lead Balls
  • Action Type: Single-Action Rotating Cylinder
  • Markings: There are no standout or exciting markings on this revolver
  • Extras: This revolver does not include anything extra


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