Pre-64 Winchester Model 70 Stock, Pre-War, Featherweight BBL Channel – (Needs Repair)

Pre-64 Winchester Model 70 Stock, Pre-War, Featherweight BBL Channel – (Needs Repair)

  • Make: Winchester Repeating Arms Co. –
  • Model: Pre64 Model 70 (Pre-War) –
  • Finish/Material: Walnut Matte Finish –
  • Features: For use with Pre-War type receivers made between 1936 and 1941, Featherweight barrel contour, Smooth Walnut, Semi-pistol grip, Raised fluted comb, Contoured for Widow’s peak style butt plate, tapped for sling studs – Please review measurements in photos for more details, if more measurements are required, please call us before ordering –
  • Condition: Poor; Make no mistake about it, this stock is DAMAGED and WILL require repair by someone with skills or the will – In the writer’s opinion it appears this stock was perhaps used to fit an incorrect receiver, the pre-war and post-war receivers have more internal shapes and contours in common than the transition, at least concerning the area just behind the bolt – this may explain the damage and the minor sanded area just rear of the tang screw (dark spot) – That said, this old stock is rare nonetheless and is worth rescusing, in fact, it appears someone with skills began this process – The damage in question is as follows; an approx. 6″ crack from the bolt notch moving forward, then upward split, with the main crack continuing an inch; opposite this, on the left side, an approx. 10″ crack measuring the length of the receiver and just forward of the barrel ring; lastly, an approx. 2-3″ interrupted hairline on the top and bottom of the wrist – As mentioned the stock has been partially repaired but will require reinforcing and finishing – Other than this damage, the stock exhibits only minor handling wear, scattered draglines, and small nicks, it has not been cut as shown with the original Widow’s Peak contoured butt –


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