Belgian Lefaucheux-Style 25-Caliber Pinfire Revolver | Folding Trigger


Belgian Lefaucheux-Style 25-Caliber Pinfire Revolver | Folding Trigger

You are considering a vintage Belgian Lefaucheux-Style 25-Caliber Pinfire Revolver. It’s in good condition for its age with no standout or significant damage concerns. The metalwork did not come standard with a finish; nonetheless, it doesn’t have any patches of rust — just light pitting from standard usage, storage, and handling wear. The wood grips are excellent, with no chips, scratches, gouges, or cracks. It features a 3-inch barrel chambered for 25-Caliber Pinfire cartridges — the loading gate swings open with no issues, and the ejector rod functions just fine. The bore is surprisingly bright and shiny, with very slight fouling and pitting throughout — the rifling is okay for its age — it would twist lead. The action and timing are sound, and the whole revolver works as it should.

  • Manufacturer: Unknown
  • Model: Lefauxheux-Style Pinfire Revolver
  • Serial Number: NSN
  • Year of Manufacture: ~1835-1870
  • Caliber: 25-Caliber Pinfire Cartridges
  • Action Type: Double-Action/Single-Action Revolving Cylinder
  • Markings: The markings on this revolver are faded except for the multiple 25-caliber stampings throughout
  • Extras: This revolver does not include anything extra


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