Austrian Steyr Carbine-Stutzen Model 1895 | 8x50mmR Mannlicher


Austrian Steyr Carbine-Stutzen Model 1895 | 8x50mmR Mannlicher

You are considering a vintage Austrian Steyr Carbine-Stutzen Model 1895. These straight-pull bolt-action rifles were revolutionary for their time and increased an individual’s fire rate from ~15 rounds per minute to 25 or more. Their introduction had several variants, from the full-length 50-inch rifles to the shorter calvary carbines measuring just under 40-inches. Most full-length M95s were eventually shortened to the carbine length during WWII and rechambered for the more modern 8x56mmR cartridge. These rifles have an S stamped above the barrel just back of the rear sight notating the “spitzer” style bullet used in the converted rifles.

Our particular example is an all-original, non-converted carbine Steyr M95 from just after World War 1. It was manufactured sometime between 1918 and 1921 and is an all-matching example with Austrian Steyr K-stamped parts found throughout. Following traditional German manufacturing, its serial number features four numeral digits followed by a letter code; 6844Y — you can find this serial number in numerous locations around the rifle. The metalwork is in good condition with a nice brown patina — there is no severe damage, deep cuts, gouges, rust pitting, or other deformations. The barrel measures 20-inches in length and includes its original front and rear sights and barrel bands with bayonet lug. The tip of the barrel has some white paint on the right-hand side, just below the front sight. The bore is bright and shiny with strong rifling and some very minor pitting — no major fouling or corrosive damage — It is chambered for the original round-nose 8x50mmR Mannlicher cartridge. The wood stock is holding up well but does have a crack forming on the left-hand side forearm; it could be repaired in the right hand and does not present a huge issue at the moment. The rest of the wood is in good shape with typical storage and usage wear. The action locks up nicely and functions as it should.

  • Manufacturer: Austria-Hungary
  • Model: Steyr Carbine-Stutzen Model 1895
  • Serial Number: 6844Y
  • Year of Manufacture: ~1918-1921
  • Caliber: 8x50mmR Mannlicher
  • Action Type: straight-pull bolt-action
  • Markings: There are no markings on the right-hand side of the stock. On the left-hand side of the stock towards the buttplate, you can find serial 6844Y stamped into the wood. Forward to this, you’ll find 844 stamped on the side sling swivel. There are no other markings on the stock. On the top of the barrel, you can find Steyr M.95 and its serial number stamped in 2 spots. Forward these markings; you can find a messed-up stamp with the number 1120 visible alongside what appears to be the Austrian crest (dual-headed eagle). This crest stamp is repeated on the side of the receiver.  On the bottom of the magazine well you’ll find 844 K.


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