Frequently Asked Firearm Questions

We promote every firearm differently depending on many factors. We may consider selling your firearm using a public internet auction or we may sell directly to a collector within our network. This choice will depend on how wide or narrow the demand is for your firearm. Firearms valued over $5,000.00 can change the sales approach as well.
Absolutely. Our mission is to ensure that we secure the highest value for your firearms under a simple flat fee structure that is less than the industry in most cases. The consideration you make is not as much about the fee as it is about our relationship and knowledge that connects your item with a paying customer. Not only do we have a competitive fee, but we know our customers and our abilities to connect them with your firearms at the right price.
Depending on the multiple sales processes we can take your firearm through, there are possible additional fees over and above the contract fee agreed to. Prior to listing your firearm for sale, you will receive a fully disclosed list of these possible fees to ensure you know the full cost of selling before we proceed. These fees will rarely exceed and additional 3% above the base contract fee.
In most cases, we will be able to provide you with payment within three weeks. In cases where we are managing a larger estate, this time can be extended depending on what is to be sold. With each situation, you will be informed with the time frames up front before we proceed with a sales plan.
Our approach to sales is very direct. We have spent the last 10 years building a reputation within the specific community of firearm collectors of different types. We have learned that securing the deserved value is based mostly on making the core collector community of that type aware of the availability of your firearm. We have earned a reputation within these different communities and are passing this reputation to your item.
Our passion is firearms. We built our business around this great history. That being said, we are successful in identifying, evaluating and selling all things associated to the gun collector industry. This includes rare parts, advertising and ammunition.
Yes. We help people from all over the country. Legally, you can ship a firearm directly to us or you can enlist your local dealer to do it for you (they will charge you). Give us a call and we will help you find the most convenient and cost effective way to ship. If shipping yourself it is important to remember a few things:

  • Include a copy of your State issued I.D. for our records (a photocopy of your driver’s license will do). Also include contact info such as email or phone.
  • Package securely. We cannot be responsible items damaged in shipment.
  • Long guns (rifles and shotguns) can be shipped by your choice of carrier (US Mail is OK).
  • Handguns need to be shipped by private carrier (UPS, FedEx) and cannot be shipped in the mail unless you have a Federal Firearms License.
  • Your shipper may request a copy of our Federal Firearms License as proof you’re shipping to a dealer. This will be provided on request.