Appraisals of Firearms & Collections

What are my guns worth?

This is a question that many have asked about an old family heirloom or firearms that they obtained for many reasons.

Finding the true value can be challenging. Often times the people that are “helping” are also hoping to purchase the gun for their collection. They might also be hoping to buy and re-sell the item if they can purchase it in the long run. The internet will share varied results as well. Whether from hearsay, incorrect information or due to lack of information.

Old Arms of Idaho is Idaho’s first and only certified firearm appraiser.  We are a certified firearm appraiser that follows the rules of “USPAP” and is backed by the knowledge, library and experience required to ensure that all key factors of rarity are discovered including provenance of the item(s). This process insures that you discover the true value.

Old Arms Of  Idaho offers a free initial consultation. Give us a ring to see if you might have a valuable treasure.

We also provide legal documented appraisal service for the following purposes:

We are certified:

The Old Arms of Idaho team has taken the important step of becoming certified firearms appraiser. We understand and follow a careful appraisal process to insure a proper value is noted for your firearm.

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