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Used & Antique Guns

Regardless of your interests, Old Arms of Idaho offers a broad selection of all types of used, and antique firearms.

How Is My Gun Sold?

We promote every firearm differently depending on many factors. We may consider selling your firearm using a public internet auction or we may sell directly to a collector within our network.

Expert Insight & Certifcation

Our experienced certified staff can answer most of your questions, help assess your needs, and assist you in making an appropriate decision with your firearms.

As one of the largest firearms retailers in the state, Old Arms of Idaho specializes in the valuation and purchase of both antique and modern firearms.

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We take your needs into consideration throughout the entire sale and work hard to meet those needs every turn.

There are several more categories of guns, and collectors often specialize in one type of gun such as sporting, military or self-defense. Gun collectors tend to have a fervent passion and scholarly interest for the category and through their treatment and care these antique guns can maintain their value very well. A particular interest for Civil War firearms in North America has led to an increase in collecting value.

We offer a free initial consultation. Give us a ring to see if you might have a valuable treasure.

There is such a breadth of choice for the avid gun collector. The description antique mainly covers the earliest developments in firearms; since the arms race in the 16th century, patrons have commissioned increasingly powerful and elaborately decorated guns to demonstrate their status in society. Throughout the 19th century, guns evolved and by the end of the century breech-loading guns with cartridges were universally adopted.

We have a great passion for the preservation & passing of America’s immense firearm legacy.

If you’d like to get a Sporting Guns or Firearms appraisal from our  specialist, simply call & tell us any other details you know about the item. Our experts can conduct pistol appraisal, hunting rifle appraisals in addition to shotgun appraisals. If you have a gun that you would like valued or would like to know the worth of your gun, we can also arrive on-site.

If you’re looking for a honest firearm selling 
or buying experience, look no further.